Mr. and Mrs. Smith Comedy


Labor Day Weekend 2015!

Labor day weekend started off early for us. Ramon’s Mom aka Mama Cakes was in town visiting from Puerto Rico. We showed her around town and I think the highlight of her visit  was when Mama Cakes rode Ramon’s BMX bike. Here she is a mature woman on a BMX doing trix that she ended up with a flat tire.  I guess you can say you’re never too old to ride a BMX.  Hasta La Vista Mama Cakes.  Have a safe trip  back to the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.


Ramon had an idea of posting a picture of our dishes on Facebook and the person that guess will be invited to be our special guest for our Mr and Mrs Smith Talk Relationship Podcast. And the winner is Paul Aquino. By the way, Paul is not having a baby. If you want know what’s the special news. Tune in on Itunes.



Saturday, we met up with the Sandrell Ross and Mickey Housley. They are married couple who are also comedians. Sandrell is part of Southern Diapers which is Ramon’s parody musical comedy group. We had rehearsal for our Mr and Mrs Smith Comedy show. People think we are so brilliant that we just come up with ideas - well we all wish for that however comedy is a lot of hard work. We actually sit down bounce off ideas, work on it, write it down, perform it until the sketch is perfected. After the rehearsal -  is the after party! We walked down to the South Loop Beer and Wine Festival and guess who headline the show - ⅓ of RUNDMC - DMC. What a great performance. Old school hip hop in full effect.

Sunday, worked on comedy. Ramon had rehearsal for the play Tren al Sur. I hung out with Brandie Denise, Mickey Housely and Sandrell Ross. We went to Hollywood beach. Our original plan was to BBQ at the beach but you know plan change. I brought a ginormous tarp to lay on so we can chill. We played this board game called Trouble. By the way, who plays board games on the beach? A bunch of comedians that’s who. We were all so competitive. We acted like there’s money to be made and kids to be save.  A bee keep on buzz buzzing and we had no choice but to get rid of it. Its either kill or bee killed- no pun intended. We did bury the Bee. However, I think he sent messages to his Bee friends because a few came to attack us. All we can say was #blacklivesmatter but we are sure the Bee is saying #beelivesmatter.  

After the beach, I went back home to meet Ramon. We went back to South Loop Beer Festival walked around and wanted to say hello to Mary from M Lounge but she wasn’t there so we walked some more and ran into the cutest dog name Brooklyn. We chatted with Jose who’s Brooklyn owner name Jose. Jose had so much knowledge about dogs on how to train, how to take care, how feed them - if it’s about dogs he knew the answer. He might just be the Domican dog whisperer. Got hungry and walked to Burger Bar and met the cutest couple. Kim was Chinese Teacher, ex cop from Chicago and Giorgio is an Italian guy. They both shared their passion for traveling and enjoying life to the fullest. In fact, they were so jett lagged because they just got back from Hong Kong.