Mr. and Mrs. Smith Comedy


A night of wings

It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon so I decided to go for a swim in Lake Michigan, to prepare myself for the Bigfoot Triathlon I am doing this weekend. After the swim I developed an appetite, so when i got home I began to search the web to see what restaurant close to me had good specials for the night. The first one I checked was Reggies Rock Joint and I noticed they had 40 cent chicken wings for the night. There was nothing else to decide!

My plan was to get some wings and maybe have a beer and watch some sports on the many screens they have. But quickly that plan was deviated. As I entered the roof top from the stair well -because it was such a nice day, the roof top seemed like a great idea- I walked into this sea of people that gathered around the bar, a pool table and the many picnic tables with large umbrellas. I saw what was a guesstimate of maybe 150 people, all enjoying 40 cent chicken wings, beer and great conversations as a band played music on the roof or the building next to the roof top. It was a really cool sight!

As the bouncer looks at my I.D. he says to me "this is a communal area, so sit were ever you like. I must admit I was a bit perplexed at the beginning, not knowing what table to choose as my chicken wing destination. So I proceeded to the bar as a reason to hide my shyness and not sit with a group of complete strangers. That was not a good idea! The bar was at least three deep and the bartenders looked busier than bees making honey. I turned around to face the sea of people once more and decided to take a leap into the madness. I spotted a table where a group of people had just left and there remaining were to young ladies who didn't look like they would mind me sitting with them. I approached the table and they said "hello" and I said "may I sit here". They nodded as in saying yes. Soon the waitress arrived and we all ordered chicken wings and all was well. Soon we were joined by a couple who seemed very friendly and then my beautiful wife arrived as the conversations became more frequent between the people at the table. 

I look at my watch to find that its 11pm and time has flown by through conversations about the couple's kids and my wife and I being comedians and doing shows at The Silver Room in Hyde Park. For a plan that contained a quiet night eating chicken wings, it turned out to be something I hope to repeat and enjoy through out this summer. I truly recommend a nice summer night on Reggies Roof Top.


Mr. Smith